About Us

Golf Clothing Shop Ltd, evolved to accommodate the needs of golfers seeking a simple supply of their golf clothing; featuring established brands, classic golf fashions & the more trendy fashions & material compositions. 

Our sister company, Apt Golf.co.uk (a trading domain name of Apt Clothing Co. Ltd, established in 1996) provides embroidered logowear for corporate, society and team golf clothing.  Their site over the years has received an ever increasing order volume from the public for individual items of non logo'd golfwear, which was not the intention or purpose of the site, so Golf Clothing Shop.co.uk was founded, in order to seperate the corporate embroidered logowear from the retail orders of plain golfwear.

The established links with our sister company provide us with an already created supply chain from the recognised golf brands.

Amongst our ranks are golfers, who wear the same brands on and off the course as we supply, so should you have a question on a specific product, please do give us a call, 01491 681033 Monday to Friday and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our aim is to provide golf clothing of a quality we would wear ourselves and which we feel represents value for money.